Thursday, December 6, 2012

The wheels of life churn along...

(Above: Sweet 'Tammy', nearly 12 years old)

It's a  strange time of year.  My mood is betwix and between.  Another year has rolled by yet again - enforcing the cliche that every year gets faster as one ages.  

At the moment, the nation seems to be slowing down in preparation for the Christmas "Holidays".  Coupled with this are all sorts of unsettling public happenings: 

* there's the posturing by political leaders in preparation for the ANC elective conference at Mangaung;
* there's the industrial action by refuse collectors, which has left our suburbs reeking (uurrrgh!),
* there's the news that corruption is getting worse.
* there's COSATU marching to slow down our highways in protest against the e-Toll system
etc, etc...

(Above: Bonnie and Twix greet me every morning for their parsley 'treat')

Our home is quiet during the day. Having completed my creative project of FIVE 5 advent calendars, my mind is turning to new things and my fingers are itching to do another creative project.  I also finally finished another cot-blanket/knee rug, which I've been busy with for a couple of months.

(My latest crocheted blanket - completed.)

It's beautiful! (The photo doesn't do it justice!) 

 But what do I do with it now?  Sell it?  Keep it?  

I always experience a sense of loss when I have to say good-bye to one of my creations (if they're not going to someone I know).  (Anyone else experience this?).  I question my ability to make another one just as day ...when I have grandchildren ...and the need arises? Practically, however, I think I should sell it.  Get some money in...make a new one...

 (Above: Toby darts back after fetching his throw-toy, while Tammy struggles to avoid a collision) 

My mood is also a little low because Tammy is slowing down significantly.  She's getting visibly older by the day and really battles with her arthritis.  Daily walks are becoming progressively slower and I battle with the contrast in energy levels between her and Toby.  There is still life in her, however: a short, gentle game with Toby in the morning;  a night-time extended investigation in the garden; and an enthusiastic barking whirlwind when there is a cat on the garden's wall.  

(Above: There's a cat on the wall)

She's been such a sweetie over her nearly 12 years life-span;  a gentle soul who has ingrained herself into all our hearts.  But she's ageing and I know she can't live forever, and her condition is a constant reminder of this fact.  I am also aware that she's a constant presence around my ankles - drawing closer; latching herself onto me.  When I'm in my den, she sleeps, blissfully, on the carpet next to me. 

Above: Toby rests on the cool tiles outside my 'Den'

(Somehow I think Toby prefers the couch, lol!)

So, in order to lift my spirits, I am going to spend time in my kitchen today.  I have a Christmas cake to make.  Yep, the aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves always do the trick!  A good idea indeed.

Sending lots of love to you all,


  1. I think the ebb and flow of both of our lives is the same Caryl and we may be on the same journey with our beloved 'golden girls.'

  2. That is a cute photo of Bonnie and Twix. The contrast in energy levels is also something I have with Riley (6) and Enzo (almost 2). I'm sure Toby would also outrun Riley, as Riley, like Tammy, is happiest sleeping at my feet dreaming of food, while Enzo runs round like a mad thing! It is hard knowing that all dogs get less years than we wish for them. Give them both a big hug from us.

    Enjoy baking today. I am imagining all those wonderful smells of your Christmas Cake,

  3. Very sorry to learn that events in South Africa are not looking so great at the moment. Incidentally in Aberdeen the refuse is only collected once a fortnight, but with our lower temperatures, it's OK because the process of decomposition is a lot slower.

    A friend of mine, whose son is getting married next May, tells me she is looking forward to grandchildren, and would happily move to London to help care for them. Do I detect a similar longing in this post??? The cot blanket is lovely anyway, and if sold, you could imagine all sorts of different places where it is appreciated.

    Dear Tammy, one always feels better for having a dog at one's feet, don't you think?


    PS Bertie is wondering why Toby has not chewed up the remote controls

  4. Oh Carol, I know, I think about that often, the counting down of days even though Joey is 5 Kealani is 4. But still its in the back of my mind. I just baby sat a 13 yr old golden and he was 13 but spry as ever and happy and had lots of life in him!!! It gives me hope. I still feel the sting of Max's passing and my heart is heavy. I love Tammy too and the only thing to do is stay positive and be able to love her as much as you can and keep the thoughts of the happy times where she lays in your fountain!!! Ill be here for you as you friend for comfort. I wish we lived closer! We care so much about you and your furry family!!! never forget. Have fun with the Holiday decorations!!! And know you are in my thoughts. All my love, Valerie

  5. Dear Caryl, I understand about pouring so much love into a creative work and then wondering if you should give it away. With my quilting,there is so much time, energy and love poured into them that I usually give them to family or keep them; but have made two to sell-however you never make enough to cover how long it takes to complete them. I'm sorry Tammy is slowing down-it is so hard. We had Avril and Barry for dinner last night and you came up in conversation(a very positive one). Blessings on your holiday creativity.
    Love, Noreen

  6. Hi Maxmom, let us know when you're baking an apple pie and we'll be right over. Hope all is well at your house. Don't worry about the "outside" antics as long as things are good at home.

  7. Hi Caryl
    The good thing is that "you are itching" to be creative and be busy. I wish I was.
    When you are "itching" you feel more positive and feel hope- and even though you do not know it- you are "looking" for hope in the dark tunnel. It seems to me that maybe you have seen a glimpse of it.
    Yes somethings do remind us of life going through the process of the circle of life. Sometimes it is a constant reminder when we see our animals age- as you see Tammy- slow down- a constant reminder of the clock ticking, or our very own illness's as they haunt us and stare us in the face.
    I am thinking about the future that you will have some day- Grandkids... more people in your life. I am thinking about all the lives you touch- mine included-- as you share your feelings and life experiences- good and bad. So brave you are.
    It is brave and generous of you to share what you have created with your hands, so that others can enjoy. It is brave and corageous of you to make another- and maybe even sell your creations.
    You are "itching" yes such a good thing,,,, keep looking to that light.

  8. Sweet Tammy - your post reminds me of when my Apples was aging and Neeli was just a puppy. What a creative person you are Caryl - thanks for letting us enter your new blog!

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle