Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Life can turn on a tickey" ...

"Life can turn on a tickey"...

... is a saying I've heard over the years.  Basically it means that nothing is ever guaranteed; nothing is certain; everything can change in a split second.  One day may glorious and the next may bring despair. 

I am so sad about the tragedy which has befallen the Connecticut community.  For them, nothing will ever be the same. What horror! What impossible comprehension.  I can't imagine how it must feel to lose a child, let alone a child in elementary school.  

My thoughts and prayers go to those who have lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy.

(Photo from the internet)

Thunderstorms in Johannesburg are somewhat reflective of this saying.  In the morning we may be blessed with clear, blue skies. and glorious weather throughout the day. In the afternoon this may all change.  The skies get darker and the deep, threatening rumble filters our way.  I can feel my own tension flare.

Thunderstorms/water/floods are things that prod my anxiety and the rumble is a sure sign of it potentially coming our way.  Perhaps its a spill-over from my childhood, who knows?  But when these storms start building up on the horizon, I've already starting to close windows and call for the dogs. How big will it get this time?...

Last night was such a night. The darkening skies settled, the rumble started, followed by the first heavy drops.  The flashes of lightning and the roar of ever approaching thunder:

"One, Two, Three..." I count

 This will determine how far off the storm is - every count means one kilometer.  

In a matter of minutes it was upon us - the heavens opened and it poured !  The small river below our house broke its banks. I don't know how much rain we had, but it was one of the biggest storms we've experienced.  The "Boss"s flight, from Durban to Johannesburg, was delayed by 2 hours because of the storm. Poor Tammy edged closer to my ankles, moaning and pawing in fear.

Then it happened:  

A loud 'BANG!' - like an extended gunshot, and then a deep and violent ...


My heart lurched as the loud siren outside our house went into full alarm mode.  Our electric fence had been compromised. We rushed to the patio to investigate ... The rain kept pouring down....

Thankfully I am on good terms with my neighbour.  Thankfully, too, no one was injured or hurt.  Thankfully, again, her car wasn't damaged...and there was nobody inside. 

 The photo above is what it looked like in my neighbour's courtyard.  Luckily we were able to move her car out and into our own garage for the night, but her entire front entrance was covered with the huge branch of our white stinkwood tree.

This morning, the sun is shining again.  Toby has diarrhea (who knows if the storm contributed to his demise).  A call to the insurance company and an emergency call-out to the tree fellers...  

I am just so thankful that it didn't go too wrong... it could have been a lot worse.

(Toby watches the 'Hadedah Ibises' looking for grubs in the water-logged lawn)

It's a long-weekend here in South Africa. I have my family home too, so life is good. 
I wish you peace and comfort this weekend, wherever you may be. 
Have a cyber-(((hug))) from me - because you never know...

"Life can turn on a tickey"

Lots of love


  1. Oh wow! I'm glad no one was hurt. We've had fierce storms here in AZ that have blown over our saguaro cactus and in turn knocked over powerline, poles, fencing and for one neighbor, took out her car!


  2. Hi Maxmom, we thankfully don't get very many of those electrical storms but the big rumbly ones scare me. Glad that no one was hurt. The tree may have be removed and a new one planted. You're right though, life can change in a blink.

  3. My gosh that would have been darn scary. We had a similar storm about two weeks ago and also had a crack right over our house and the power went out and our internet connection 'fried'. Luckily the power company restored power about two hours later to all the homes in our area. Storms don't bother me and our dogs don't seem to care even when the thunder and lightning are at their loudest. We're glad everything was ok (apart from the tree damage). You are right though, life can turn on a tickey. We must enjoy each day and love the ones we're with and not worry too much about the future. Take care Caryl. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  4. So glad nobody was hurt with the falling tree. It sure is amazing how powerful lightening can be.


  5. I am glad you and your neighbours are all Ok. I always wish, each time there is lightening, that my mother didn't teach me to count how close it was. If I thought it was a random thing there are times I would be more relaxed!

  6. So glad that no serious damage was done when the tree fell. It must have been an alarming experience. As a child, I was very frightened of thunderstorms. Only when as an adult I worked in Oklahoma did I realise how mild our thunderstorms in the UK are. Yes we do get storms and very high winds in Scotland, but rarely are they accompanied by thunder and lightening.
    One other point of interest - I'd never before heard of a 'stinkwood' tree. How did it get its name? Does the wood have a particular aroma?
    Hope all the family are enjoying the long weekend.
    PS I've of course been following the news about Nelson Mandela. Not many 94 year olds could withstand an operation, but then he is exceptional in so many ways. However, one fears that his long and heroic life may have nearly run its course.

  7. Storms are so very scary! So glad no one was hurt.

  8. Dave and Jeff would be over there in a heartbeat with their chainsaws to gather wood for their stoves!