Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's musing...

A city almost back to normal.  Holiday makers returning in droves. We wake up to the sad news that Barry Stander (Olympic mountain biker) was killed last night by a Taxi.  How pointless. Oh dear.

The death toll for Rhino poaching for 2013 - over 650. Another sadness.

Along various suburban roads the typical sight of weary travellers heading back to their lodgings, suitcases pulled along the pavements and rucksacks flung over their shoulders.  Their faces tell it all - they need a holiday!

J worked the New Year's shift at her hospital - 36 hour calls don't reduce the backlog of emergency trauma cases.  Drunken woes have been taken out on 'friends', with broken bottles and other weapons. Casualty was pulsating. Her own face tells of wariness and strain, and some of the pointlessness of the human action.

Fireworks have taken their toll on animals.  Lost dogs everywhere.  I comfort an owner who has lost hers - we search together for little 'Brakkies', the ageing Jack Russell who finally had enough of the fireworks.  He's been gone for 5 days now and she's heartbroken.  The lightning and thunderstorms of the Highveld haven't been kind to our animals either. Its prime business season for local tree-fellers too; broken trees everywhere. The green jungles of holiday makers lie thick and waiting - for their first cut of the new year.

So what's ahead for me?   A new year, a new palette - clean and gleaming.

Our household is brimming with the excitement of our prospective new little canine companion. Toys have been purchased, Veterinary doctors lined up and a puppy socialisation classes booked. It's just her who's not here yet. We have only 3 weeks to go, then "she'll" be with us.  It's still a mystery as to 'which one' it will be:  'Belle?' 'Aurora?'. We await the pup's behavioural assessment with great anticipation to see which one will be "my" pup.

The good news is that we may have an alternative plan for her transport - a private flight (in cabin) with her litter-mate. Hopefully this will materialise.  We couldn't ask for better. Hold thumbs.

Toby had a bath yesterday, followed by a caring brush and trim in the sunshine of our patio. He's glowing. His tail is up, his head held high, he's utterly devoted to me and he looks stunning!  Such a goofball too - lying on his back for a tummy rub and a snout nuzzle! He's always primed with energy; eagerly awaiting a game.  He's going to enjoy the little one so much, I just know it!

Tammy sleeps most of the time nowadays.  She's comfortable and pipes up when the cat is on the garden wall - usually at dawn.  She still adds her voice to the surges of barking from the neighbour's Jack Russell terriers.  Only a personal visit outside, to acknowledge her efforts, will urge her to stop her contribution to the barking frenzy.  She's looking good for twelve years though.  Everyone says so.  But I see the arthritis in her struggling to climb stairs, and her reluctance to get up from sleeping.  At times, however, she's more than willing to initiate a game of 'bitey-face' with Toby.   I think the puppy will do them both good.

As for me?  I'll have to rope up all latent energy to embark on a new year of dog training.  I'll have to get fitter too. Big things wait for me. Roll forward, 2013!

To all my friends and family: 

 HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2013 bring the realisation of your dreams and ambitions.  May it be filled with peace, prosperity, laughter, positivity and caring.  May you make new friends and open new doors.  May your home be filled with happy yapping and happy purring.  Mostly, however, may your actions and thoughts be filled with love. It's another year to 'Share, Care and Uplift'!

Sending lots of love to you and your loved ones,