Friday, November 30, 2012

A new writing venture

(Above: "The Cavern", Drakensberg resort)

Dear friends,

Welcome to my very personal blog!  You are here because you have been invited to walk my personal path with me. You have been invited because I consider you to be a 'friend', an encourager and a source of strength in my life's journey.  

I have recently returned from a short break to "The Cavern" - a resort nestled in the heart of the beautiful Natal Drakensberg mountains.  We were only away for three days.  During this time I decided to take up a friend's suggestion  (Thank you, Fran!) to start a new, more private blog - away from the scrutiny of the general public.

Recent events have necessitated that I withdraw from my activities in cyberspace and hope that this more personal blog will allow me to take over from where I left off. I am hoping for more freedom (and relative privacy) with my writing.  Although this blog is public, it is not listed on any search engines, so hopefully will only be discovered by me inviting you to my link. You can, however, still 'follow' this blog. You are one of my special friends, and very important to me, so please interact with me.

My relationship with blogging and cyberspace is integral to the person that I have become in recent years.  The publication of Maxdog, has had a huge impact on me.  Many people may not understand that it hasn't all been positive. I have had an uphill battle with my publishers and my relationship with them has now been terminated. I am not one for conflict, so this has really rattled me in a big way.  It also resulted in me becoming a lot more socio-phobic and withdrawing to some extent from the world at large.  My freedom to write, in general, has also been compromised. This is sad, because I am a person who generally writes emotionally and unpretentiously. I have always sought to 'share, care and uplift' in amidst my own personal struggles.

My response to the action of my publishers has been to shape this blog - so that I can continue my relationship with my special cyber-buddies on a more personal level and in a manner which I consider authentic .I am going to be getting back to basics and simple writing - away from the 'general' public eye. 

This blog is open to the special people who have supported me over the years.   'Living Life to the Max' remains a public domain, but my activities there are going to be limited to what is of general, very 'public' interest. Indeed, without this blog (here), I may have withdrawn altogether from blogging.  I am hoping that this will be the answer to my unease with publicity, and will provide new inspiration to write and share. 

Thank you for being my friends!  And thank you for supporting me all these years. I love and appreciate you immensely.
With love,