Friday, June 13, 2014


Dear friends
While driving around on errands yesterday morning, the words and melody of this song were placed on my heart. It's been a week of visiting a number of people in hospital. It's also come at a time of imminent loss and difficult decision-making. There are a total of four verses to this song, although the video only has two in it. I also know that there is more work to be done but for the moment I thought I'd share it with you.
This thing is sure: The Lord is working in wonderful ways in my life.
I pray this song will bless both you and our amazing Father.
With love

Friday, June 6, 2014


Who am I, Lord, to be of any use to you?
In Your eyes, I feel smaller than a speck of dust…
I am but a blink in your glorious plan…
Your mystery and my purpose are hard to fathom…

 I am humbled…

Your presence in me is unmistakable; glued to my inner being;
I feel it when the sun rises and when it sets.
It reassures and frightens simultaneously. I cannot deny it, but my boldness is fleeting.
Your Word tells of your greater plan; a vineyard where I might belong.
It calls on my willingness simply to obey: Without question; Without doubt.

That is scary, Lord…

I am Your creation, Father; a simple being in this vast, living universe.
Like a soldier, I am called to faithfully serve; to use my whole being in honour of Your incredible love.
Despite my unworthiness, my doubt, my disobedience and my failings, I am compelled to claim Your name.  My love for You is growing, slowly…freely
It is Your immense love that sustains me. And the knowledge that I have been deemed worthy to receive Your gift of faith; to believe the almost unbelievable, to accept Your message…willingly.  I am a new creation; washed clean and acceptable in Your eyes. You called me and met me, Lord. I am Yours.

Now that I’m Yours, Father, Your care for me is patient. You are kind and generous and You are gentle in my weakness.
Your love eludes my understanding, Father. I yearn for it when I doubt it. It enfolds me when I least expect it. Yet, Your Counsellor reassures me; never leaves me – the incredible gift you promised.

Thank you Father for making me part of Your plan.