Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Golden whirlwinds and the Guinepigs' residence...

Hi there everybody,
Welcome to the new friends who have joined me here on this new, more private blog!

Firstly, here are some pictures of yesterday's Golden get-together.
A number of friends congregated in our local doggie park, yesterday morning, to give  the pooches some 'Golden' free time.

(Above: Our futile attempts at a group photo of the Golden clan.  Note little 'Abbey' - the little black lab pup in the background - a Guide dog in training, belonging to Darryl Humphris.)

My new collective noun for Golden retrievers is....
A whirlwind of Golden retrievers:

Any human participant would have felt a wave a dizziness creep upon them as we tried to monitor the frenzied mood of Golden Retrievers darting all over the place.  This is one breed that certainly recognises their own and, given half  a chance, will make full use of the opportunity to romp, prance, play and say 'Hello' to any human around.  Yesterday was no exception. There were more Goldens than initially anticipated - some gate-crashing the walk (we didn't mind at all!!!)
 'Training' at these times is usually futile.

 'Belinda', 'Cliff' and 'Liz'


*In the foreground, Hoby (L) and Aunt' Tammy (R);
* The darker golden behind them is also a Toby (a gate-crasher! :) );
* Next to him (on the Rigt) is my own Toby - checking out what is in Cliff's hand and also saying 'Hello' to shy Emily;
 *the smaller pup (Back R) is Ozzy.  
*Behind the dark Toby is?....uhmmmmmm....oh, I don't!  It all got very confusing, especially with two Tobys around.

 Aunt Tammy, our twelve-year-old lady, found the goings a bit too hot...eventually settling down in the shade of a tree...while the others went to meet anyone that was willing...

Anyway, thanks to all my friends - Liz, Lorraine, Darryl, Belinda and Robyn, for the fun time!  We must do it again soon!


Now for today's offering:

As you know, this is 


...And this is their vegetable garden, planted especially for them...

Today, I thought I'd give you a tour of Twix and Bonnie's special residence.
This is just for fun, so...
Enjoy! :)

Hope you enjoyed that!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday and
sending lotsaluv too


  1. I so enjoyed the tour of the penthouse. what a lovely house you made for them. Brilliant.. Loved seeing all the goldens at play too. Hugs GJ abd Carol x

  2. I think it looked like a very good time with all the doggies! And your summer is looking beautiful too.

  3. Hi Caryl,

    If you need anything for Twix and Bonny, let me know. I can try to get them over here in Singapore.

    Thanks for sharing. Wonderful penthouse for the guinea pigs! Hugs to Toby and Tammy. :)


  4. What a wonderful little home for Twix and Bonnie, and I love the idea of them in your kitchen, right in the heart of things. But I am curious to know if they are 'house trained' and only go to the toilet in the toilet area?
    PS I do enjoy listening to your voice - both the accent and the tone. Whenever I record myself I am horrified by how flat my voice sounds.
    PPS Re your comment about early morning walks on my blog - even when its bitterly cold, it's still my favourite bit of the day. It's really important for me to spend at least some of the time each day outdoors and enjoying fresh air and exercise.

  5. Hi Caryl, well that was wonderful. We loved seeing Bonnie and Twix in their little home. You are amazing to design their home. They must be the most pampered and loved Guinea Pigs ever! Thanks for taking us on the 'tour'. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)