Thursday, December 27, 2012

The day after Christmas

Hi there everyone!
Too much food.  Too many presents. Thank goodness we're on holiday.
I'm hooked on Jigzone at the moment, so I thought I'd give you a jigsaw puzzle to try.
(Let's see if this works...)
Toby also enjoyed his Christmas.
Sending lots of love to you all and hoping that your festive spirit continues.


  1. For some reason your puzzle failed to load, but Toby looks great in both photos above. Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Haha the jigsaw puzzle was fun :) ~ Hope you had a Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year!


  3. The puzzle worked great for us! How fun. We hope you had an awesome Christmas.


  4. Toby is just adorable! Glad you had a nice Christmas. I know you are looking forward to getting your new puppy. I think that's a great idea, so that Toby will always have a companion. Did you consider getting a puppy from the same breeder you got Toby from? Was that the breeder that bred Max as well?
    I heard today that the most popular dog names (U.S.) for 2012 are Max for boys and Bella for girls.
    We will be getting our puppy this wknd! I can't wait!!!
    May 2013 bring you and your family love, peace, joy, faith, hope and good health! xo, Beth

  5. Hi Caryl, glad your Christmas was wonderful. At least while I was doing your puzzle I wasn't eating haha. Too much food here too! No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  6. Glad you had a nice Christmas. We did too. Thanks for the puzzle, it was fun.

    Daisy and Heidi