Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This is the day that the Lord has made.... First day of Bible School.

"This is the day that the Lord has made!"
(I woke up with this song in my heart today)

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There is a lovely description of 'FAITH' in the Bible:

"Now FAITH is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."
(Hebrews 11:1 NIV)

This 'definition' has made me realise that I have been blessed with more FAITH than I first thought.
For example, consider my faith and my hope for this year. I have signed up for a year of Bible Study with the hope of getting an overview of the Scriptures.  I have faith that I will get to hear God's gentle voice amidst the mountains of reading ahead of me. 

I woke up this morning with a sense of blossoming excitement, although I must admit that it is tempered with a measure of trepidation. This is the first day of Bible School 2014 - an 'Open Day' for anyone to come along and see what it is all about. 

Our group of 14 first year students met up at Weltevreden Chapel this morning - to meet some the administrators, lecturers, markers and their fellow "new" students (and have a cup of tea in the process). It was the opportunity for us to make our final decision: Are we "in" with this adventure or out? 

I'm "IN"!

We listened as each participant shared 'why?' they they had chosen to come to Bible School.  The general thread was that most of us have been led to draw closer to the Word of God, perhaps in anticipation of where He is going to lead us in the future. It is 'by faith' that we all are here.

There is no doubt.  This is a dedicated commitment - a spiritual pilgrimage amongst fellow believers. It's both exciting and daunting. To put it mildly, there is A LOT OF WORK! But I have faith that this is exactly where God wants me to be.

The beauty of the Morning School of the Bible is that we have the gentle support and encouragement of the lecturers and staff - who will be backing us up as we muddle our way through the Scriptures. The regular required submission of essays is worrying a lot of people, but I have faith that God is going to work wonders in all of our lives this year!


I would like to thank the few readers who took the time to leave such beautiful comments on yesterday's post.  Thank you for your prayers and your support. It's always lovely to hear from you. Please remember, that you are welcome to leave a personal prayer request in the comments section and I promise that I will lift your request up in prayer too. Perhaps we can all pray for one another this year? 

Yours, in Christ

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