Saturday, March 31, 2018


“HAPPY EASTER!” many will say.

Let’s be clear, tomorrow is a really important day to me and many other believers around our precious planet. Tomorrow will also be a day where Facebook and other social media explode in a frenzy of good wishes.

But often, I don’t quite know what these well-wishers mean? Especially those who dispel the Christian faith? 

What do you really mean when YOU say, “HAPPY EASTER!”?

Please don’t get me wrong: I REALLY desire to wish you a truly ‘HAPPY EASTER!’!  But I don’t want my own wish to be lost in this huge cloud of imminent social hysteria. So I feel compelled this morning to explain to you, my precious friends, exactly what I mean when I say,


I’m not wishing you tons of Easter eggs (although this is indeed tempting); or the madness of wishing others a ‘Happy Easter’; or the thoughtless frenzy of gluttony....

 Instead, I am wishing you a quiet contemplation of the real meaning of EASTER and RESURRECTION SUNDAY. This could be life-changing...

I wish you the joy of the gift of Jesus Christ. May you understand His immense sacrifice (available to us all) – the forgiveness of everything we’ve ever done wrong (and will continue to do wrong). I pray that you may experience His incredible, infinite love.  May you understand that He truly LIVES! Yes, HE LIVES and he really, really LOVES you! 

He is indeed present in our world. He comes to us in the form of His Holy Spirit which he gives to believers as a gift. It is to help us along our embattled paths. You just have to look to the heavens on clear night to get a glimpse of His incredible creativity. He is available to all of us who believe in Him. You are not alone!

Like you, I have searched for meaning my whole life. I have found peace and certainty in my faith in Jesus Christ (the Son of God).  My belief takes expression in the way I seek to live. I seek to follow in His footsteps. I seek to let His light shine in the things He asks me to do  (one of them being this text, for example).  Most often I fall sorely short. He then challenges me again to come to Him and talk – like a Daddy lovingly guiding His child. We are not alone!

This thing called life is a constant learning process for us all. In my case, it’s my willingness to surrender to the will of my ‘Counselor’; the Holy Spirit.  I am His child and, hopefully, my life will bare witness to His grace and Majesty.

“Resurrection Sunday” is one of the most important celebratory dates in the Christian calendar. It is something I actively participate in and try honour. It has very specific Biblical meaning - the true meaning of “HAPPY EASTER!”  It is what I seek for everybody.

So here is my "HAPPY EASTER!" wish for you, my dear friend…

          I wish you love and joy; a true understanding of what the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ is to our world.

·         I wish you to be filled with His love, forgiveness and a brand new life, in Him. A clean slate!
·         I wish you assurance of your importance to His Kingdom and your welcoming into the family of God. You are important to Him – he made you! (Ps 139)
·         I wish you to feel utter joy as you, by the grace of God, receive His gift of forgiveness and everlasting life.
·         I pray that you will somehow believe in the miracle of Jesus Christ’s resurrection (which, yes, is beyond earthly understanding!). This belief is a gift given only by the grace of God to those whom He calls. Yes, He calls YOU!
·         I pray that you will come to understand that, no matter what, ‘God has got it!’; that the battle of this life has already been won; that He genuinely understands your circumstances; that you are allowed to call yourself a child of God when you believe in Him.
·         I pray that you will immerse yourself in the hope that is ‘Jesus Christ’ and also the community of God’s people. That you will be able to celebrate the true meaning of EASTER!

In summary, Jesus Christ was a historically real person. He lived in this world about 2000 years ago. His life, death and resurrection have been documented in many, many books. So too has His grace of forgiveness and New life in the believers who follow him. Seek Him! You surely will find Him!

“HAPPY EASTER dear friend!” May you be blessed out of your socks!”

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  1. Hi Carole, hope that all is well. Good to see you again.