Thursday, October 16, 2014

A new beginning...the gift we are all offered.

In the silence of the night, a miracle waits to happen...

There is a moment, every 24 hours, when in the blink of an eye, everything on the earth is transformed.  Usually, we are all still asleep...

In the changing light, the moment arrives - transfixed in time - waiting for an audience.  Nature holds its collective breath, then stretches and snores again.  In the silence, the temperature drops and the world is seemingly frozen.  The old is about to pass and a new beginning waits. It becomes a highlighted question which, in this moment, is imprinted on all creation:  Will the world continue? Will the sun rise?

This beautiful moment, just before each dawn, is drenched in silence; fraught in anticipation. Yet, we sleep while it's happening; hoping to become restored and prepared for what awaits in the day ahead.  The world waits too. The birds begin to sing.

And then the moment happens - the amazing miracle which affects our lives every 24 hours... 

It's called "breaking dawn".  It's here when a new day cuts into the darkened, heavenly expanse and drizzles over the ready earth.  Streaks of beautiful, bright light paint the landscape. Crystalline, shining rays infiltrate everything.  All the hope of humanity and the new day is caught up in this brief and precious moment.

The silence is broken.  Different voices unite; There are twitterings and coo's. Then the birds sing louder...then more...then more.  From the ends of our human consciousness we may indeed be slightly aware of the singing: different voices, unique expressions; a cacophony of birdsong and praise. The sun is imminent. Everything in creation welcomes in the new day. Man, however, mostly sleeps..and misses the marvel.

Then the drone of the busy city begins. Rush hour: a quick good-bye to a loved-one to face the business of the day. More stress, gray hairs, unhindered emotions. In equal measure, human activity blots out God's beautiful sounds.  His promise of a brand new day and new beginning becomes obscured.  Hidden.  Forgotten!

They say that if you live with something constantly, you don't see the small changes.  They are merely absorbed; taken for granted...

But each day, there is something subtly different in the marvel of God's beautiful dawn. His plans prevail amidst the human chaos. Unnoticed, the sun follows a slightly different path in the heavens each day.  The temperature on the earth's surface, the light and the climate are all slightly altered...tweaked.  We are older, sometimes wiser, sometimes more stupid. Often unimpressed. The contrast is painful.

Then the beautiful gift of the dawn fades. Passes. Unnoticed.  As we drown our hearts in the volume of our humanly designed lives, our souls plead, "Where is God?".  But, it's us who don't understand.  Don't you see? During all this activity,our Master waits - patiently, lovingly.  He hopes with all hope that we will indeed search for Him; respond to His call and wash ourselves in His beauty, His glory, His story, His gift.

He's been there all the time...just look!

Praise, Honour and Glory to my amazing Father!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
(John 3:16 NIV)


  1. There's something in each sunrise and set that calls even non believers to wonder. I think that wonder was put in us to draw to worship The Creator. Yes?