Friday, June 6, 2014


Who am I, Lord, to be of any use to you?
In Your eyes, I feel smaller than a speck of dust…
I am but a blink in your glorious plan…
Your mystery and my purpose are hard to fathom…

 I am humbled…

Your presence in me is unmistakable; glued to my inner being;
I feel it when the sun rises and when it sets.
It reassures and frightens simultaneously. I cannot deny it, but my boldness is fleeting.
Your Word tells of your greater plan; a vineyard where I might belong.
It calls on my willingness simply to obey: Without question; Without doubt.

That is scary, Lord…

I am Your creation, Father; a simple being in this vast, living universe.
Like a soldier, I am called to faithfully serve; to use my whole being in honour of Your incredible love.
Despite my unworthiness, my doubt, my disobedience and my failings, I am compelled to claim Your name.  My love for You is growing, slowly…freely
It is Your immense love that sustains me. And the knowledge that I have been deemed worthy to receive Your gift of faith; to believe the almost unbelievable, to accept Your message…willingly.  I am a new creation; washed clean and acceptable in Your eyes. You called me and met me, Lord. I am Yours.

Now that I’m Yours, Father, Your care for me is patient. You are kind and generous and You are gentle in my weakness.
Your love eludes my understanding, Father. I yearn for it when I doubt it. It enfolds me when I least expect it. Yet, Your Counsellor reassures me; never leaves me – the incredible gift you promised.

Thank you Father for making me part of Your plan.


  1. did you get my comment? went away so quickly

  2. I guess not,,,,so here's what I said in the first comment :) I said that was beautiful and that you did a wonderful job Caryl. Then I said that this a.m. I read in I peter 2:4 that we are "choice and precious stones in God's sight" isn't that amazing? But for Jesus Christ and His righteousness,,,yes? love you