Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bell's palsy: Day 10: "I'll praise you in this storm"

It's Day 10 of my Bell's palsy. 
After a week of intense physiotherapy, steriod and antiviral tablets and numerous supplements (at times, 30 tablets in one day), I strapped up my sagging face and lay down on my bed.  I felt battered and aching.  I pulled the heated wheat-bag closer and rested it against my cheek.  I closed my eyes and repeating the beautiful words that our Lord, Jesus had uttered on the cross:

"Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit..."
(Luke 23:45)

Although these were Jesus' dying words, they have become my mantra over the past ten days.  They symbolize everything about my faith.  This life is no longer about me - I have died to self.  It's about what the Father wants to make of me and my life.  I surrender. Each morning, as I open my eyes, these are the words I repeat:

"Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit..."
(Luke 23:45)

And amidst these storm, I will continue to praise my beautiful Lord, 
Jesus Christ....


Dear reader,
The above song, by 'Casting Crowns', was sent to me by my beautiful, encouraging daughter, Robyn.  It has blessed me enormously.  I pray that it will bless you too.

With love, in Christ,


  1. Dearest Carol
    Tears fell as I read this post. How faithful you are. Words fail me. God Bless you today. Thank you for sharing. You are strong, oh you are. Such an encouragement.
    With love

  2. Caryl, sending POTP as well. We have faith in it's power to heal.

    -Ruby and Otto

  3. Your faith is so strong and will carry you through this Caryl. I hope the pain is easing some. The song is just beautiful.

  4. We're sorry that it hurts. Sam says that he'll go for a walk with you.

  5. You are God's " chosen one."
    Love this song